Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pimped Rides for the Pimp

Matt is a dog. Yes, one without a tail. He wouldnt know the difference between a bugatti and a ferrari. But lets not blame him coz we'all here to give him some serious education on rides. We will give dog-matt a crush course on all pimped rides and fastest wheels under the skies.

Hey yall out there. I got the crazy thought of making a blog where everyone can speak their nutty minds on the flashy rides we have here. Do you think you have a comment worth the time of these stone crazy,eyes popping,mouth gapping,drool dropping pimped-ride fans? Say it here then or forever hold your rev. We'all listening.

We will be reviewing each pimped ride, each fast car, each classic car,each junk,each best car innovation right here.

The lights are green and the revving heavy for the super neck breaking race. Supped up wheel we will engage gears, screech tires, hold the steering steady ready for de ride.

"We be gone in 60"

Today we start with this pimped ride:

Do you think its cool? Please leave comments below.

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